The most beautiful and perfectly planned park or attraction will fail without an effective marketing program.  To attract and keep park patrons
requires professional analysis to define and reach a targeted audience.  At its core, marketing thinks about the park in terms of its patron
needs and their satisfaction.  It then acts to develop pricing and programming accordingly.  Delivering the message about park offerings and
attractions is crucial to success.

Kiddy parks, family parks, thrill parks, water parks and attractions are patronized by different demographic groups.  These groups are
determined by age, income and other factors. Marketing defines the audience most suited for the park and then designs programs, promotions
and advertising to make the park desirable to them.  The goal of marketing is always to increase attendance and revenue.

Although marketing programs may be based in the same types of studies and have similar components, there is no cookie cutter approach to
success.  Each park and attraction has its own personality, appeal, geography and demographics to incorporate.  Local customs and culture
must also be understood and respected.  For example in some parts of the United States, country music is quite effective in terms of attracting
park patrons while rock music is more effective in others.   This is just one of a great many examples of local customs which must be taken
into consideration.

Utilizing these concepts a thorough marketing plan would, among other things, explore the following:

Establishment of Identity and Target Audience – The type of park (family, kiddy, thrill. theme) must be determined.  The related target audience
must be identified, found and attracted.

Competitive Marketing Analysis – A review of competition from a local and regional perspective.

Marketing Objectives –Establish specific results expected from a marketing plan.

Marketing Goals – An overview of how the objectives will be obtained.  All goals should be set using established measurable objectives.  Both
short and long term goals are to be established.

Marketing Strategies – Tactical methods of using advertising, public relations, databases, group sales, internet marketing, special events,
promotions and all other available tools are explored.

Corporate Sponsorships –Review and identify existing and potential businesses to enhance park programming to increase attendance and
establish a mutual benefit.

Evaluation of Plan – Reviewing the success and making changes to the Plan.

It is extremely important for outside consulting companies to examine current and past programming and campaigns.  The experience and
knowledge of park professional staff is extremely valuable.  High Mountain has the expertise to work with park professionals in a respectful
team-like atmosphere to develop marketing and advertising plans that are tailored to the patron base for maximum results within budgetary

Effective promotions bring patrons to the park.  The most outstanding promotions extend their stay, increasing per capita spending.  Let High
Mountain assist your park to develop and execute the most outstanding promotions.

A direct result of an effective marketing program, promotions are designed to resonate with, attract and keep a  target audience in the park  
Promotions are usually created in the form of consumer products and must be in tune with the purchasing habits of a target audience.

Park patrons will look for and recognize promotions as discounts or special offers.  In their most recognizable forms promotions take the form
of coupons, contests, charitable fund raisers and special days.   In this area an experienced mind can create new and interesting promotions
on a limitless basis.  A plan to market and advertise these offers must also be developed and executed in tandem.

Discount programs are the most tried and true tools of the trade.  Designing a coupon program is an intricate process.  Measurable goals must
be determined; the program must also be carefully planned within the park’s budget. Measuring the effectiveness of individual campaigns is
extremely important.  If cashless ticketing is employed parks and attractions have the added advantage of giving away value as opposed to
dollars in their discounting programs.  High Mountain is experienced in all types of coupon and discount programs.  

High Mountain will also develop (and execute, if desired) other promotional programs with sponsors and local charities.  Examining assets in
the park for use in such programs is our specialty.  For example how best can we capitalize on the rides, attractions shows, other park
offerings, local and national events?  These and other park assets must be used not only to attract patrons but to keep them in the park with
carefully focused programming.  Added value is also offered through the establishment of special days and events are created around a
central theme.

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