An efficient and courteous staff is the most crucial element to the overall success of any amusement park or attraction.  Marketing programs
and promotions will bring people to your facility.  The quality of their experience will determine if they make a return visit and whether or not the
resulting word of mouth campaign is positive or negative.

At High Mountain the guest experience is paramount.  Our approach is to view your facility through the eyes of your patrons.  If ride staff is
inattentive a sense of fear is created.  Untidy rest rooms and park grounds are equated with indifference and neglect.  Rude and disrespectful
staff destroys all good will otherwise created.

To create the opposite effect, one that is pleasurable and encourages return visits, requires a thorough and professional approach to training.

Ride Operators and Attendants must be thoroughly trained in the operation of their individual rides.  High Mountain works together with ride
manufacturers and your staff to design and execute a complete program.  The program includes:

Classroom training – Using written materials in a classroom setting, staff are trained in the working and operation of individual rides.  These
materials often include manufacturer’s requirements as well as individual park operations manuals.  High Mountain will develop operations
manuals when required.  Training also includes the rules of proper conduct to ensure the operation is attentive and safe.

Physical Ride Training – Using the knowledge learned in the classroom, staff is trained at the ride with a hands on approach.  This training also
requires and integrates the knowledge and skills of the park Maintenance Department.

Testing and Licensing – Ride Operators should only be permitted to work at a ride after successfully passing a test.  High Mountain will develop
test materials for your park.  The High Mountain licensing program is designed to give the operator the affirmation of having achieved a skill
while providing management with a fail safe method of properly and safely staffing its rides.
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