Planning something big like an anniversary event or something as simple as value days or special entertainment nights?  Put High Mountain’s
experience, creativity and attention to detail to work at your next special event.  High Mountain can produce, promote and provide public
relations for crowd pleasing events around any occasion including, but not limited to ride openings, group visits, press events, or any special
occasion to increase attendance.  

High Mountain’s experience with in house entertainment and its ability to draw upon star quality entertainers will make any event an instant hit.  
If your park is planning a one time concert event or a series, High Mountain has the access and the experience to book artists and facilitates all
aspects of production including sound, lighting, stage management, artist accommodations and courtesy, and advertisement.

High Mountain also consults with parks to analyze the patron base and develop special events designed to attract their attention.  Events can
be based upon local culture and special days, specific such as the opening of new rides and attractions or national events.

High Mountain takes great care to work with park professionals to create a plan to determine the best type of event suited to the park’s goals
and patrons and to ensure that each event is executed correctly down to the finest details...Choosing the correct themes, creating the best
atmosphere, entertainment, coordinating with operations and other staff and media relations are essential to the success of any event.  High
Mountain always employs a complete and team approach.