Parks and Attractions must be managed in a professional manner to ensure the safety of their patrons and efficiently to control expenses and
maximize revenue.

These two objectives must never be viewed as mutually exclusive.  Safety is always the first priority.  It is achieved through a focused
management program that provides the proper maintenance, staffing and training while keeping a sharp focused eye on the budget.

Professional management analyzes overall park and individual ride and attraction performance.  It then uses that information to maximize
revenue.  It provides the proper level of staffing and supervision while setting standards for conduct and customer service.  A successful
management program sets goals and provides a system of evaluation to ensure its success.

The High Mountain team has the hands on behind the scenes experience to guide your park to success.  High Mountain can provide analysis
and a plan to manage your facility smoothly and safely while enhancing the bottom line.  High Mountain is also available to directly manage your
facility on a contract basis.