A safe, well kept park with an attractive mix of rides attractions, food and amenities, coupled with a good marketing and advertising program,
will attract visitors.  The major factor in bringing those same people back for return visits is a friendly and courteous staff.

It’s really simple.  Imagine yourself with your family spending the day at an amusement park.  Your expectation is for a safe day of fun without
confrontation or controversy.  In this regard, you are pretty much in the hands of the park staff.  If your day is pleasant you will undoubtedly plan
a return visit.  If you were not treated well your next family outing will be spent someplace else.  There is a direct connection between a well
trained and courteous staff and increased revenues.  Consistent great service encourages park patrons to spend more time and money at
your park and actively and positively recommend it to others.  Great service not only makes park patrons happy, it has a significant impact on
the bottom line.

High Mountain Enterprises has partnered with Hospitality Resource Group to develop award winning customer service training programs.  The
onsite program has twice been honored with THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE AWARD from the International Association of Amusement Parks and

The onsite program draws upon the combined experience of both companies; real life amusement park experiences, professional training,
motivational skills and techniques to deliver the most positive results.  The core foundation is blended with each park’s culture and specific
needs making each program unique in its own way.  Professionals from both companies will work with your staff to develop the most effective
and sustainable program for your park.  

In addition to customer service training, programs are also offered in the following areas:
·        Onsite personal training
·        Onsite follow-up and advanced level training
·        Strategic planning and crisis management
·        Leadership Development
·        Team Building
·        Management skills Training
·        Special event planning, design and execution
·        Marketing, branding and communication strategies

For parks and attractions wishing to enhance their in house programs we offer MINING THE MAGIC.

In our industry, we are all in the business of creating magic for children and their families.  Understanding this concept leads us to the
realization that our staff members serve as magicians for the children who enjoy our facilities.  Mining the Magic is a training tool designed to
maximize their skills through in house training.  Based upon the IAAPA award winning onsite programs, Mining the Magic is a Facilitator’s
Training Guide.  The program consists of printed training modules and a CD - ROM Workbook.  The training modules supply step –by-step
instructions on how to deliver each segment of training, together with support materials such as icebreakers, games, exercises, suggested
reading materials and videos.  The CD-ROM includes all of the program slides, which can be customized for use as handouts or as a participant’
s workbook.

Our program features structured, segmented learning which is easily incorporated into existing New Employee orientation and can also be
used as supplemental training for seasoned employees.  These modules enable your Human resources Department to design your program in
a way that best fits your season and schedule.  All program modules can be tailored and customized with your own logo and materials, making
the training experience unique to your employees.


Mining The Magic     $750.00
Onsite Train the Trainer Program    $3,000.00
On Site Program Facilitation
Half Day $3,000.00                    Full Day $4500.00
Additional Program Customization available on request.

If you have a question or would like further information:

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